About Us

At Gallery Marie we create functional, aesthetic home decor, and original art work.

Our company is run by a husband and wife team that is passionate about giving your home a designer vibe yet maintaining practicality.

All of our pieces are designed from the ground up to solve gaps within commercially available big box items. For example how many "organizers" have you purchased that break, create more clutter or don't actually fit your items? Our items are designed to stand the test of time and wear and tear of life. Your space can be transformed by the addition of art and decor that truly fits your lifestyle.


Hamsa and Kailee have been married for 4 years so far. Kailee creates original artwork, designs products, and sews the soft furnishings whereas Hamsa is in charge of sales. In real life, Kailee is in her third year of pharmacy school and Hamsa is in technology sales. Together, they are raising a 2 year daughter who is full of inquisitive spirit!

This is the story of how and why we started our business, and we look forward to working with you soon! 

- Kailee and Hamsa