The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020 | modern, luxury presents for him/her

Finding the perfect gift can be time consuming, expensive, and disappointing. You want to give a gift to make someone happy.. not to re-gift or sit in a closet. 


1. When deciding on a gift, set your budget. For a new boyfriend/girlfriend aim for about $50. For your husband or wife, it is customary to spend about $100. Bas falls into the perfect price range of below $100.

2. It is always best to include all accessories that go along with your statement gift. For example, if you are giving her a plush robe, include bath bombs and soaps. If you are gifting a Bas, you can place items inside. You could get her the new watch she has been craving, a new keychain, a beautiful wallet, or a luxury pen. 

3. Don't skimp on the card. The card is the sentimental part of your gift where you can express your gratitude and love for the person you are giving to. Make sure it is more than a few sentences long. Your significant other will save it forever.

4. Put effort into the wrapping. Even if it isn't picture perfect, your effort and commitment will show! For a sleek look, stick to one color. For example, use silver wrapping paper with a silver ribbon and card. Place your gift in a box for easy wrapping. Bas comes in a beautiful box with silver foiled calligraphy. Add a card and a ribbon and your gift is complete. 


If you follow these tips, your gift will be a hit! 

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